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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

It was not until I witnessed my step-father reverse his stage 4 liver cirrhosis that I became awakened to the reality of the power that food has as medicine. I guess I should really say that it took a multifaceted lifestyle medicine approach that left his doctors baffled and calling him their model patient. He was on a laundry list of medications, could barely walk, in extreme pain, and was told he had less than 3 years to live.

He told my mom that he was not ready to die, and committed to the hard work. He asked his providers to help ween him off of all of his meds, as he slowly integrated a step by step approach to modifying his lifestyle. This started with adding in a small amount of physical activity, the use of cannabis and essential oils, and drastically changing the way he nourished his body. My mom began by cleaning out the kitchen and removing any processed or sugary foods and began purchasing all whole organic foods. It was less than a year after, he was a changed man and on well on his way to reversing his disease!

This was one of the many experiences of my past that transformed me into an alternative minded, holistic nurse that believes we have the power to achieve health no matter the diagnosis or medication we have been led to believe we can not live without. As a nurse coach, I have found my passion to guide others to toward the challenge, to take the road less traveled, to offer hope and serve people in the way that will support them to find true health and happiness.

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