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The Power of Plants: Essential Oils

Updated: May 11, 2022

I stumbled upon essential oils while seeking a more natural approach to treat my sinus infections. I was given a book as a gift titled, "The Miracle of Wild Oregano" by Dr. Cass Ingram which spurred my search for a pure, potent and safe product that I could experiment with. After exhaustive research, I was advised by some of my most trusted alternative mentors to look to doTERRA essential oils and I must admit, I was a bit skeptical having been told by many health care professionals that they were dangerous and were unbelieving, questioning evidence behind their claims. I have always had a strong sense of intuition and my gut was pushing me to go for it despite my reservations, so I started dabbling with the oils.

I must bring forth the fact that the discovery of oils was early on in my alternative journey and I have since cured my sinus infections with lifestyle modification, but the oils were more helpful to me than any synthetic drug had ever been and offered one of the benefits I love most about essential oil, no side effects. These amazing gifts from mother earth are made of the same elements that make up the human body and therefore work with the body to promote healing. I am not discounting the fact that pharmaceuticals do have their importance, however they are overused and tend to mask symptoms leaving the actual issue untouched.

Fast forward almost 4 years and I am now what some would call the "crazy oil lady", and I have only a few assignments and final exam left to attain my Clinical Aroma Therapy Certification. I have discovered that there is a ton of research-based evidence that supports essential oil use. I have also found my Essential Oil Nurse tribe Many hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world utilize oils for patient care and aroma therapy, including my nurse certification program which is recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Association Game-changer for my career path in nursing!!

I have been using the oils with my family and supporting many with these powerful tools, they have been life changing. I have witnessed their use assisting folks from weening off of medications that were causing horrible side effects, helping people to get better sleep, providing amazing support for addiction cessation and preventing children from having to start ADHD medications. The non-toxic, natural and empowering lifestyle that is available with the use of pure, tested grade doTERRA essential oils for emotional and physical support is something that I can not stop from sharing with the world. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about oils or why I choose doTERRA, please feel free to schedule a free consultation with me or click on the Aromatherapy tab from the homepage.

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