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Mindfulness: A Tool for Physical and Mental Health

Updated: May 11, 2022

I was always one to hear about mindfulness or meditation, and think to myself...I really need this in my life, and then the next day I would forget all about it! Why is it that our brains are like one of the most valuable parts to our body, yet we rarely take time to care for it? I used to think of mindfulness as something that was there in times of stress, or emotional trauma if I needed it. What I did not realize was that it was something I needed as a daily practice in order to keep my mental and emotional well-being in check. I like to think of this now as personal training or daily exercise for my brain. After I had gotten over the initial pains of getting my brain in shape and committing to actually doing the mindfulness everyday, I can now see how beneficial it is. It has been life changing, actually!

Now this does not have to be difficult or overwhelming! It can literally take 10 minutes or less a day. It takes practice, just as any new thing usually does! Mindfulness helps us not to focus on the past, or to allow our mind to race ahead to the future. It trains our brain to remain in the present, gain more control over our emotions and keep us grounded. It helps us to avoid judgment and focus on gratitude. In turn, it will dramatically improve both mental and physical health!

One of the first things I do in my coaching work with clients is to help them to develop the skill to be mindful. It can oftentimes be the key to unlocking the healing potential from deep within! It took my own personal coaching experience to help me find emotional freedom and it was through mindfulness that I was able to get where I am today. Are you ready to find emotional freedom?

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