Before I met Karri, I was looking for answers that I couldn’t find alone. Karri was a listener, a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration for me to become a better version of myself by working on the hard things. The things that I was avoiding and were scared to accept and work through, Karri was there fully and listened. Being able to go through these things, I was able to show up as a better mother, entrepreneur and as a human being. 


Out of the multiple conversations that I had with Karri, the few things that really stuck with me more than any other was there is no guilt in fully taking care of myself by asking for help with my 13month old son. I am a single mother and felt like asking for help was burdening those around me. The second thing is that I have a lot of childhood trauma and was requested to not discuss it, I learned that it was normal to do that. With Karri and being able to just be listened to, helped me understand that talking about it was the healthiest thing to do. 


I would recommend Karri to anyone who is looking to level up in their life. Whether it be personal or professional. She’s an amazing listener and provides methods to help you reach your goals in ways that fit your lifestyle best. Her main goal is to help you be the best version of you. I am so excited and blessed to have created a relationship with Karri that is professional and personal.