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I had the opportunity to receive coaching with Karri and the experience helped to change my life. 


I have worked with a therapist for 7 years now and while that has helped me and I have gained from it, there were things that I was avoiding working on. When I started with Karri, I felt comfortable to share some behaviors that do not serve and we discussed how I might be able to change them. 


She helped me to work through behaviors that were limiting me from being successful and worked with me to develop tools to work with things. I now connect with my breath instead of getting angry. I have made it a point to meditate more frequently. I have been able to set more firm boundaries with those in my life. 


We also worked on addressing my imposter syndrome and self-worth. We worked through some of the behaviors I didn’t like and worked to change them. 


In the time working with Karri, I feel like I became a stronger version of myself. I am so excited that I have been able to keep these changes and it’s not something that went away after a week or two.       




Working with Karri was so transformational. Our paths crossed as I was starting to look into life coaching. It was almost like serendipity. I had been working with a therapist previously to starting coaching with Karri, and when I say Karri helped me more in 1 session than my therapist did over multiple sessions, I mean it! We were able to work on tactics ways to improve mindset. She helped me set small goals to start filling my confidence bucket. She even suggested essentials oils for my child who was protesting sleep at the time of our coaching. I was able to take away from our time together that boundaries are very important and that I do not need to take on everything, nor should I. Since working with her I've been continuing to stand up for myself and my self-care. I confronted my father and have been able to release resentment I was never able to before. It was like talking with a non-biased friend. I felt seen, heard, and loved during the sessions. Karri really tries to connect with others and take it to those deep levels that unlocks mental blocks you may not have known you had. Of course, she is fully professional and always ensures you are completely comfortable with what you share. If you were to say you didn't want to discuss a certain topic, she would certainly move on from it. My only complaint is that I didn't have enough time with Karri. She truly helped me go from this stuck, overwhelmed mom, caregiver, girlfriend, business owner, and full-time employee to a woman confident that even with her plate full she can take time for herself and not feel guilty. I highly recommend Karri to anyone needing direction with their life goals.



“Peter's insightful inquiry helped me be honest with myself about what was keeping me from pursuing the things I wanted to achieve. He helped me develop strategies to overcome limiting habits I had been struggling with for years. My coaching sessions with Peter have had a lasting impact because all the insights were earned through a kind of honest work that leads to a unique empowerment that I can’t help but continue to pursue.”

This experience was not what I expected and turned out to be one of the most positive experiences in my life. I was suffering from anxiety and had some resentments from a long-ago family fallout. Karri knew just the right things to say to get me to think about why I was reacting the way I was, how not to blame myself and realize that letting go of it would set my heart free. She has shown me the benefit of meditation, which has immensely enriched my life. She is gifted beyond words and I would highly recommend her coaching.

I will forever be grateful to have had this opportunity, truly amazing! 



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“Working with you was instrumental in helping me figure out what I want from life, breaking big goals down into a series of small concrete achievable goals to help get me where I want to go, and in learning self-calming practices and self-encouragement strategies that can be used as tools to help me get unstuck from negative thought patterns.”

Before I met Karri, I was looking for answers that I could not find alone. Karri was a listener, a friend, a mentor and an inspiration for me to be a better version of myself by working on the hard things that I was avoiding and scared to work through.  Karri was fully there and listened.  Being able to go through these things, I was able to show up as a better mother, entrepreneur and human being.

Out of the multiple conversations that I had with Karri, the few things that really stuck out more than any other is that there is no guilt in taking care of myself and asking for help with my 13 month old son. I am a single mother and asking for help felt like I was burdening those around me. The second thing is that I have a lot of childhood trauma and was always asked not to discuss it, I have learned it talking about it was the healthiest thing to do.

I would recommend Karri to anyone who is looking to level up in their life. whether it be personal or professional.  She is an amazing listener and provides methods to help you reach your goals in ways that fit you best.  Her main goal is to help you to be the best version of yourself.


-Privacy honored

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